This section covers our messages on:

This is usually packed full with encouragement for the workers in God’s vineyard.

Together we encourage ourselves to continue the race with zeal and anointing from the Lord.

It’s an avenue for us to pray and get fired-up in the Holy Spirit in preparation for a great service.

Check out some powerful exhortation that will also fire you up for God’s work.

This is a great time where we learn about life issues from the biblical perspective.

Daily life issues from health challenges, academic concerns, financial hassles, marriage, adolescence, sin and principles to lead a successful Christian  life on earth are taught and everybody contributes his or her quota to bring the lesson home.

Sunday School at Success Evangelical Ministry International is usually very interactive.

As a family we share our different life experience and relate it with the topic of the study at hand. This provides avenue for everybody to realistically relate with the Sunday School message.

Our main services are exciting times where we get powerful revelations from the Word of God through His Spirit.

Revelation from the Word of God lights us out to have a deeper understanding of the way God sees our situation and circumstance. Equipped with this deep knowledge, we are directed by the Holy Spirit on what to do.

Our actions are influenced by these revelation knowledge and influences our outlook to life and living.

We seek to get this revelation knowledge to help us traverse through life and succeed on God’s terms and conditions.

O LORD CHANGE MY STORY: How to Experience Turn Around In Your Life

Powerful Prayerful Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

The early hour prayer program on every 3rd Saturdays of the month, stands out as one very dear to the heart of God and His servant.

The O Lord Change My Story program, one of the key events of the ministry, affords another opportunity to express the grand vision of the ministry to set men at liberty with powerful earth-shaking prayers based on God’s Word to transform lives from darkness to His glorious light in Christ Jesus.

The anointing present at this service has the potential to break anyone from the shackles, chains of the enemy and enjoy the God-given abundance on earth.

Don’t miss out on these life-transforming services.