• by Sis Dupe Tiawo

    looking for Job

    Praise the Lord!
    For 4 years now, I have been believing God for a job and when pastor prayed for people seeking employment in our monthly prayer program, O Lord Change My Story, I keyed into it started thanking God for my job. Few days later, I was called for an interview and just the next week I was called to start work . I am here yo give God all the Glory. I am so excited!

  • by Ani Onyinechukwu


    During our monthly prayer program, O Lord Change My Story, I got a miracle. God connected me to my husband. I have been believing God to settle down for over 10 years. God has started in a great way with me this year. He is a prayer answering God. I am returning all the glory to God, praise the Lord!

  • By Grace Bakare


    For a couple of years now, I have suffered from a very intense and discomforting pain in my private part. Doctors have diagnosed different things and prescribed different drugs yet the pain persisted.
    This embarassing ailment has stopped me from doing so many things but during the "O Lord Change My Story" Prayer program, I prayed for an end to it and as God's servant ministered, I felt a sharp pain leave me. In tears of joy, I discovered I had been completely healed. The pain completely disappeared. I am healed and feel so relieved. Praise God Almighty.