About Us



We are a church with a vision to help people to discover their success in Christ through the power from the word . many people are unaware of their rights in the redemptive sacrifice of Christ. In Success Evangelical ministry, we help you access the truth in the word of God, to build your faith and nurture your walk with God .

Our mandate is to lead a successful people who have mastery over the issue of live employing the mysteries and the power of the word of God. We are committed to gods people in realising and fulfilling their destines. We teach the word of God with insight and revelation by the holy spirit emphasizing its efficacy and integrity to delivers to God people their redemptive blessing.

The world of our God given members far goes beyond the four walls of our beautiful auditorium. A strong bond exit between the ministry, the church members and partners who are unofficial stakeholder. This bond is not an unconnected with our adherence to our mission ; “to help people discover their successes in Christ through the power in the word “. Our mission is driven by our core message encapsulated by our corporate by-line.